Saturday, 19 March 2011


Sitting in the park and the cafe today I just ended up sapcing out and doing a few doodles. After Graham suggested reading Arabian nights, I watched 'The Thief of Baghdad' yesterday, a film from the 1940's. I've never seen it before but it was quite a beatiful looking movie, I tried remembering what some of the buildings and set designs looked like:

I really want to decide on what I want to do which could be considered as 'final major project work' Be it working on my friends Owl Tree poem some more, making my own story and illustrating it (which is a lot harder than it sounds) Making a book of characters which I discovered I now have at least 100 designs, a colouring book since I keep making black and white images or trying to make a sequence or connection from the images I've made so far. Or Perhaps I'm essentially bored of the storylines I've come up with? I sat about for a daydreaming session today and wrote this down on a piece of notepaper in the cafe:

Tasty Zombie Powder:

I really wanted to try not to get so worked up about my project,  I normally seem to let my mind wander off and came up with just dumb ideas I never seem to use, How about this for a story:

The music genre of Jazz is considered by many as a boring, old and dead genre, really now, the only people who seem to appreciate it is old men or grumpy old men or perhaps both.

Nothing wrong with a more refined taste in music mind you- but a dying music genre has attracted the attention of a very proud follower of Death, Fedorah who is said to be friends with the grim reaper himself, much like the reaper, he also travels the world relieving bodies of their souls, but unfairly uses those souls to power his 'death machine' an enormous monsterous living machine which is capable of creating undead music, and plans on creating a world of eternal night and music which will resemble Micheal Jacksons 'Thriller' as possible.With an endless supply of souls from idiotic attractive groupie females who happily sacrifice their own lives to power the death machine, things for the world look grim.

 Fortunately, a cowboy from centuries past hears of Fedorahs plans, not that hes particularily interested in stoping the death machine, he is interested in gaining a soul, something which he does not have since he happens to be a small tin cowboy toy. Cowboy gave up his body a long, long time ago and has lived for too long.

The Tin Cowboy and the death machine.
A fat useless angel who assists the tin cowboy

An ugly groupie Female.

And Fedorah.
Absurbd and silly idea I know (and probably makes little sense) but I did wonder again about the suggested connection for my drawings, I'm starting to wonder if I can connect some of the character designs I have already with some of the backgrounds I made and just write a short little story like the one above. Or perhaps I should really make my life a whole lot less complicated and illustrate an already written work?

Also, perhaps I should mention, I love coming up with stupid names for my artwork mostly because of the strange cartoons and videogames I played. For example:

I Still have no clear idea of what inspires me art, or where the idea neccesarily comes from but I find silly or very overthe top names from the videogames I played from my youth inspiring- take kickmaster for example. Its a Game about a master, who kicks.

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