Monday, 14 March 2011

Right Connections

One of the problems I've been facing with my FMP at the moment is there still isn't any sort of connection. As my tutors have all pointed out I have a bunch of 'really nice drawings' but I'm still not entirely sure what direction I want to take it, I still really like Jonny Hannahs idea of creating a town or a place for them to live in or Salvatores idea of a sequence, but I did wonder today if I could link the image by using a door.

For example, I'm having a lot of fun making seperate backgrounds like this and adding characters a little later. I wondered if I could perhaps add a little door into somewhere which would link the image to the next. Say this image:

Has a tiny door in it somewhere? Perhaps it links or conects to the next image.
A door to go into the above image.
 Not sure if its working or not but I really want to see this through and find the connection my pile of drawings needs.

The door that leads to the next area kinda sounds a little bit like a videogame. Step through a door and go to the next area. Sounds silly and very geeky but I like this idea a lot.

Colouring in:
I'm still not satisfied with colouring in my images, it either takes too long to do, or simply colouring over it makes it looks a bit of a mess. I tried thinking back to some of the inspirations from my childhood again:

I'm sure everyone has made one of those when they were younger in school. Daniel Skillcorn  let me borrow this tablecloth drawing- so I could copy down some of the weird shapes the class made and that I may try making something of my own:

Instead of drawing everything out first, I coloured it in and then added in my obsessive detail. Sort of like those napkin drawings, I'm hoping this can also lead somewhere.
Like a lot my drawings, I still just start with the outline and think about what I want this object to look like and what colour I want it to be. I did still have time to make some of my typical black and white drawings today however:
An Inspiring Cartoon:
A Friend of mine posted this link on his facebook account. After watching it I couldn't help but want to draw an image inside some sort of lamp or snowglobe.

My Lamp/Snow Globe Idea. Just Felt like drawing this after watching the above cartoon. I do kinda wonder where some of my inspiration comes from sometimes.

And also made a bunch of other quick doodles while watching it.

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